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How to get payday loans fast

With the quick money credits, you can solve emergencies in minutes, without paperwork and totally online. This type of financing products will help you to face any economic urgency. On this page, you will find everything you need to know about how to get money easily and immediately through quick credits.

Which entities grant money in minutes?

Just a few years ago the only way to get money was through the banking entities with a long process and full of paperwork. However, recently, private-equity financial institutions that offer much faster financing began to proliferate. Currently, there are different entities that we can go to get money instantly, without paperwork and with a 100% online process:

  1. Conventional entities: that is, banks, which is the most common option when we want to get money. In the face of competition from other entities that offer to finance, banks are now offering quick loans to their clients through payroll advances or pre-approved loans. To be able to access bank financing quickly and with hardly any paperwork, we must have a certain seniority in the entity.
  2. Private equity financial companies: they are the fastest option to get money without complications. We can find offers to get financing from quick mini credits to solve small contingencies to fast personal loans to finance large projects. All its process is usually completely online and with hardly any paperwork. They allow us to obtain a response almost immediately.
  3. Non-financial companies: entities such as department stores, telephone companies or concessionaires can also offer financing promotions for the purchase of their goods and services. As the ultimate goal of these entities is the sale of the product and the credits are not the product itself we can find great promotions.

Depending on the purpose we want to give the financing we hire, the amount of capital we need, the return period that best suits us or our personal situation, we will be happy to go to one type of entity or another. Before opting for a company, it is important that we value the characteristics and advantages that they offer us and that we analyze our need for financing in order to make a safe, correct and appropriate decision.

Types of quick money credits that we can hire

Today, we have a large number of financing products with which we can get money in a few minutes, although their conditions can be very different (smaller or larger amounts, longer or shorter repayment periods, etc.). Next, we explain how to get fast and easy money with the different types of financing that we can find in the market:

  • Mini fast loans: they are small loans that allow us to get up to 1,200 euros of money for any purpose and that have a repayment term that does not exceed 30 days, its cost is around 1.1% daily. Your return is made in a single payment of capital plus interest generated and your request can be made in a few minutes online and without paperwork.
  • Rapid personal loans: this is “life-long financing”. With these loans we can get between 3,000 and 90,000 euros, depending on the entity we go to and the purpose we want to give it. They are used to finance different projects such as buying a car, financing our studies or renovating our house. Your repayment terms can range from a few months to several years, depending on the amount we request. Fast personal loans have an average cost between 6% and 12% APR and are returned in monthly installments.
  • Credit cards: they are also a way to get money. With the cards, we can finance small expenses that go beyond our monthly budget. According to the entity, we can get between 3,000 euros and 9,000 euros of financing. We can reimburse them at the beginning of the following month to the interest-free expense or postpone payments in monthly installments with interests that range between 15% and 29% APR.
  • Consumer loans: loans granted by non-financial companies. The big difference between this type of financing and the other loans is that instead of transferring the capital to our current account they will directly give us the good or service that we wanted to achieve. The financing that we obtain will be, at most, the total cost of the product that we want to finance.

According to our economic needs and our financial profile, we can resort to a type of quick or other credit to get the money we need. It is important, also, that we inform ourselves about the specific requirements that each entity may require, since, in this way, we will avoid wasting time on requests that, surely, will be rejected.

The essential to get fast money with credits

To be able to obtain money we must comply with certain characteristics and requirements so that the financial institution knows that we are sufficiently solvent to reimburse the requested payday loan within the agreed return period and without any problem- GAD also consolidates payday loans. Although each entity has different requirements according to its risk policy, the vast majority agree that we must meet the following conditions to access the quick loans we need :

  • Be of legal age: we must be over 18 years old, although some entities set their minimum age in 21 or 25 years.
  • Reside in Spain: we must live permanently in the national territory
  • Have regular income: a payroll, an unemployment benefit, a pension or any type of income that is regular, sufficient and justifiable.
  • Not be registered in files of defaulters: we must not have any pending debt or be registered in lists like RAI or ASNEF to be able to access the money we need. There are some entities that allow us to get money if we are enrolled in these files, but for that, we must meet some additional requirements.

Fulfilling these simple requirements, we will not have any problem in accessing the credits we need. This information will be obtained by the entities with the online form that we fill out and the documents that we send. Through this information, the entity will perform a preliminary analysis that will determine whether or not to approve our request. In addition, thanks to the advances in new technologies, these analyzes will be carried out automatically and we will be able to earn quick money instantly.

How to get money if I am in ASNEF?

Being registered in files of defaulters like Rai or ASNEF is easier than it seems and, once inside, getting the money we need is more complicated than it seems, although it is not impossible. Although not all entities will allow us to get money if we appear in these lists, some mini-credit companies will allow us to obtain the capital we need as long as we comply with two additional requirements, in addition to the general conditions:

  1. Amount: the debt for which we are enrolled in ASNEF may not exceed 1,000 euros, although some entities set their limit at 500 euros or even 2,000 euros. It will always depend on the risk policies established by the lender.
  2. Origin: the default for which we are in the list of defaults may not have any connection with banking entities, that is, can not come from overdrafts in accounts, credit cards or bank loans, although it may be due to debts with telephone companies or supply companies.

By fulfilling these two additional conditions, in addition to the general requirements, we will not have any problem in getting the money we need. If this is not the case, the only option to raise capital will be through mortgage loans, but these loans need a house in property that we can use as collateral and in the case of non-payment of any of the installments, we will take the risk to lose it.

5 steps to follow to hire a quick credit

The process that must be followed to obtain fast money with a loan is fast and intuitive since normally the entities that grant these products operate from a distance and allow to contract their credits through the Internet. Let’s see what is the standard procedure for applying for quick loans:

  1. Compare the offers: it is important not to choose the first mini credit that we see, so knowing all the current offers will help us find the best promotion and the entity that best suits our financial needs.
  2. Enter amount and term in the simulator: once we have chosen the entity, we click on the red button “hire” or “request information” to redirect us to the official website of the entity. In it, we will find a simulator that works like a calculator, where we will indicate the money that we need and the term in which we can return it, in this way we will know the total cost of the loan, including the fees.
  3. Fill in the form: once we click on the simulator request button, we will have to fill in a small online form and attach the required documents (they are explained in a section below).
  4. Resolution of doubts: if our request has been approved, we will receive a verification via SMS or via e-mail with the terms and conditions that we must read and understand. In case of any doubt, it is very important to contact the Customer Service Department and resolve it before signing the contract.
  5. Signature of the contract: when we sign the contract, the lender will make a transfer to the indicated account and in less than 1 hour we will have the money available. We must remember that if the entity works with our bank the transfer will be immediate, otherwise, it may take up to 48 hours.

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