Loans for Self-employed and Freelancers

A permanent position is an essential prerequisite for being able to receive an installment, consumer or credit line in Germany. Also, a loan without private credit from Switzerland is usually granted only if the customer can prove an indefinite employment. Even if the private creditshould be completely fine, it will be very difficult, if not impossible, to find a suitable loan without permanent employment.

Loans for self-employed and freelancers

Loans for self-employed and freelancers

Many banks only assign their personal loans to workers, employees or civil servants and exclude self-employed or freelancers from lending. Anyone who nevertheless needs a loan without a permanent position has no choice but to look specifically for a bank, a savings bank or a private lender who would be willing, under certain conditions, to grant a loan without permanent employment.

However, self-employed and freelancers should be aware that they have to submit other documents for a credit decision than is the case with those who have permanent employment. As a rule, the private or institutional lender will need the income-surplus bill, the business accounts, the profit and loss account and the bank statements of the last two or three months.

In addition, it may also be necessary to submit the tax returns of the past two years. However, those who have been self-employed or self-employed for less than three years will find it very difficult to find a suitable lender. If anything, he could only apply for special business start-up loans. However, they may not be used privately.

Loans for the unemployed, Hartz IV recipients, housewives and students

Loans for the unemployed, Hartz IV recipients, housewives and students

Unemployed, who desperately need cash, often have no choice but to look for a suitable loan without permanent employment in the private circle of friends, relatives or in the family. In addition, there would be the advantage that individual repayment agreements can be made, which unfortunately is not the case with a bank loan.

Hartz IV recipients would, under certain conditions, have the option of getting an interest-free loan from their job center. However, such a loan is not intended to satisfy any consumer demand, but can only be forgiven if it is really urgent. Rental or energy debts, a broken washing machine or a broken TV would be such examples.

Students who do not have negative private credit records may be eligible for a small loan. In addition, there are special student loans, which serve exclusively to finance a study at a state-recognized university or college.

Housewives are only creditworthy if they have a well-off spouse who must sign the loan agreement in any case.

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