5 things I learned about buying winter clothes in Canada from TikTok and Instagram


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Like a new to the countryI will be the first to admit that learning How to buy winter clothes in Canada was an absolute headache.

Since I moved from Dubai (a much warmer city) in Toronto earlier this year, I had to start building my winter wardrobe from scratch.

To understand how to buy good salesgetting the right gear was a roller coaster ride and not a process that can be rushed.

Luckily, social media came to my rescue.

I started scouring Instagram and TikTok for inspiration for fall and winter looks and actually found loads of nuggets of wisdom (as well as some hilarious information!).

So here are some things I learned about buying winter gear for my first Canadian winter:

You gotta know what’s in your jacket


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There was a time when I would just run into a store and buy a jacket just because it look at good and hot.

But I learned that there is so much more than that.

As this video shows, you should also check whether or not a coat is insulated, what material it has inside, and whether it comes with a lifetime warranty (good ones yes!).

Another useful thing I started researching is whether an item has a label suggesting what temperatures it is best for.

Winter jackets have straps… like backpacks

This is probably nothing new to anyone who has lived in Canada all their lives, but I was quite amazed to learn that some winter coats have suspenders!

For so long I’ve been irritated that I have to wear my heavy jacket (or tie my jacket around my waist) when I’m inside.

But with suspenders you can actually carry your winter jacket around like a backpack!

This information was a game changer for me.

Buying Canada Goose is a momentous achievement


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I really like the look and feel of Canada Goose jackets and would love to have one when my wallet is a little more accommodating.

And, apparently, I’m not the only one craving a good Canada Goose coat.

All I had to do was hop on TikTok to find a bunch of people recording their experience buying their first Canada Goose jacket or unboxing their new designer purchase.

I’ve even heard that you sometimes get a “Congratulations!” employees there when purchasing that first Canada Goose product.

That might make sense, considering some jackets cost well over $1,000!

There are affordable brands

For those of us who can’t afford Canada Goose jackets and similarly priced jackets, there are also plenty of cheaper options that do the job just as effectively.

TikTok is full of videos on the best places to buy affordable gear.

My favorite tip on social media? Your first winter jacket should come from Winners or Marshalls!

Other places to look out for are Costco, Walmart, and SVP Sports for budget winter shopping.

Go to sleep !


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Since I moved to Canadapeople have told me how important it is to have enough layers.

However, sometimes you have to see it to believe it, and it wasn’t until watching some TikTok videos that I learned how many layers (and therefore clothes) I need for the winter season in Canada.

I get cold just watching some of these videos. Moral of the story? Buy enough diapers and make sure some of them are really loose.

Happy shopping, Canada!


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