7 Google Jobs Available in Canada You Can Get Without a College Degree


There are Google jobs that are available in Canada and many of them don’t require you to have a college degree!

Some of the jobs with Google are remote and can be done from anywhere in Canada, while others require you to be in Montreal, Toronto or Waterloo, Ontario.

Additionally, a few jobs have educational requirements that can be replaced with hands-on experience, but many require no training.

You can find a bunch of different positions, including Partner Operations Manager with YouTube Music, Senior Technical Program Manager, Developer Relations Engineer and more.

If you’re looking for work, here are seven Google jobs in Canada you can apply for even if you don’t have a college degree!

Data Center Technician, Technical Operations

Location: Montreal

Who should apply: Someone with a college degree in computer science or electronics, or three years of equivalent practical experience.

Additionally, you need experience with operating systems and network protocols to get this job where you will install, configure, test, troubleshoot, and maintain server hardware and software.

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Program Manager, Google Cloud Support, Operational Excellence

Location: Waterloo, ON

Who should apply: Google is looking for someone with three years of experience in overall project or program management and two years of experience working with SQL to process datasets and build dashboards for performance tracking .

Experience working with social media or community management platforms and experience in stakeholder management is also required.

In this role, you will oversee all aspects of the Google Cloud sales process and help improve it.

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Developer Relations Engineer, Fuchsia Tools

Location: Remote (Canada)

Who should apply: You need five years of experience as a software engineer, architect, technology advocate, technology manager, or consultant working with web or mobile technologies.

Other required experience includes working with engineering tools on operating systems, using coding languages, and presenting in a public forum.

You’ll collaborate with developers, write sample code, participate in developer forums, support troubleshooting queues, and improve Google products if you get the job.

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Senior Technical Program Manager, Internal Developer Relations

Location: Toronto

Who should apply: Someone who has five years of experience managing cross-organizational technical projects as well as experience building dashboards, reporting on organizational metrics, and developing cross-organizational communications. -organizational.

In this role, you will lead projects, identify risks and make recommendations to leaders.

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Head of Partner Operations, Music, YouTube

Location: Toronto

Who should apply: Google is looking for someone with a bachelor’s degree, but this requirement can be met with equivalent practical experience.

You also need two years of experience in customer support or customer services to resolve customer issues and work experience in the music industry.

As part of this job, you will analyze the problems encountered by content creators and work to resolve them to improve the user experience on YouTube.

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Open Source Strategy Program Manager

Location: Remote (Canada)

Who should apply: Someone with five years of experience in open-source technologies or development as well as experience in managing communities or voluntary organizations.

You will help oversee Google’s interests in open source projects that ensure a better contributor experience.

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Video Account Manager, Retail, Large Customer Sales

Location: Toronto

Who should apply: Google is looking for someone with a bachelor’s degree or equivalent practical experience and five years of sales experience in the media or advertising industry.

In the position, you will provide customer service, research and market analysis so that they have a strategy to reach thousands of users with their advertising.

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