7 Suspension Bridge Trails in Canada Where You Can Get Incredible Views of Fall Colors


There’s probably no better time for a hike than in the fall in Canada, when the leaves turn from green to brilliant shades of orange, red and yellow.

For the perfect way to admire the changing foliage this fall, you can hike a suspension bridge trail that will allow you to observe incredible panoramic views of the landscape.

These trails are located across Canada, crossing rivers, gorges and valleys where you can see tons of changing leaves as soon as fall arrives.

Strap on your hiking boots and make sure there’s room in your wrap before heading out on one of these suspension bridge trails that offer breathtaking views of the fall colors.

Scenic Caves Suspension Bridge

Price: $32 per adult for park admission

Address: 260 Scenic Caves Road, The Blue Mountains, ON

Why you need to go: At 420 feet long, the Scenic Caves Nature Adventures Bridge in the Blue Mountains is the longest suspension bridge in southern Ontario.

Here you can stand 25 meters above the forest floor and be totally immersed in a sea of ​​orange, red and yellow as the leaves change.


Ranney Gorge Suspension Bridge

Price: $10.84 per adult

Address: Multiple access points

Why you need to go: Located in Campbellford, Ontario, in Ferris Provincial Park, the Ranney Gorge Suspension Bridge is perfect for an easy fall hike, but has the added bonus of offering incredible views of the colors of the season .

The 300-foot-long bridge crosses Ranney Gorge and connects to a series of trails where you can see more fall foliage.


Montmorency suspension bridge

Price: $7.39 per person for day access or $3.70 for Quebec residents

Address: 2490 Royal Avenue, Quebec, QC

Why you have to go: This suspension bridge crosses the spectacular Montmorency Falls, an 83-meter high waterfall that is even higher than Niagara Falls!

As you cross the bridge, you can feel the power of the falls beneath your feet and enjoy panoramic views of the area.


Big Salmon River Suspension Bridge

Price: $11 per adult

Address: St. Martins, N.B.

Why you need to go: This popular suspension bridge is located along the Fundy Trail Parkway in New Brunswick.

The 275-foot deck lets you take in epic views of the fall landscape and river, and makes a great stop on the road while driving.


Capilano Suspension Bridge

Price: $62.95 per adult for park admission

Address: 3735 Capilano Road, North Vancouver, BC.

Why you need to go: Capilano Suspension Bridge Park is one of Vancouver’s most popular attractions, and for good reason.

The suspension bridge allows you to admire the view of the mountain and the Capilano River while walking through the treetops.


Pinawa Suspension Bridge

Price: Free

Address: Alice Chambers Trail off Hwy. 211, Pinawa, MB

Why you need to go: Located on the Trans Canada Trail, this 650-foot bridge in Pinawa, Manitoba crosses the scenic Pinawa Canal and offers scenic views in all seasons.

The suspension bridge is located just over an hour from Winnipeg and is connected to hiking trails where you can further explore the surrounding nature.


Channel Suspension Bridge

Price: Free

Address: NL-10, Tors Cove, NL

Why you need to go: This bridge in Tors Cove, Newfoundland is located in the incredibly beautiful English Channel Provincial Park and is along the East Coast Hiking Trail.

The bridge crosses a scenic canyon and leads to the abandoned village of La Manche, a perfect place to visit in the fall for some eerie vibes.


Before you go, check out our Guide to Responsible Travel to be informed, be safe, be smart, and most importantly, be respectful on your adventure.


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