An American shared the differences between the United States and Canada after visiting Vancouver for 48 hours


After just 48 hours in Vancouver, an American had a ton of observations on how different life is in the United States and shared his thoughts on a Vancouver Reddit page.

It’s Reddit, after all, so people have been pretty heated in the comments that the Great White North isn’t like its southern neighbor – or as one user described it, its “embarrassing cousin.” “.

The Reddit user who made the original post made sure to say that their observations are only based on experience, so they don’t apply to all Canadians. That said, they did mention a few major differences.

Some things were the same, like using the “MM-DD-YYYY date format” and the fact that you had to tip in a restaurant.

“But I could never get rid of that weird valley feeling. This place is different,” the user said.

A few of their observations were more specific to Vancouver, such as “apocalyptic driving”, but they also tackled the biggest Canadian stereotype – saying “Canadians are not nice”.

Instead, they found Canadians to be “mannered,” “genuine,” and “not afraid of strangers,” which is still pretty positive!

“There are rare exceptions, but there seems to be a level of basic, society-wide manners. Stuff like holding the door for someone, saying please and thank you and especially sorry “, said the user.

“You even (most of the time) wait for people to get off the train before you get on yourself,” they added.

In terms of authenticity, the user said that unlike Americans, “Canadians seem to express their true feelings.”

The downside of this? They said the Canadians were more “snippy”.

In Canadian fashion, apparently, people didn’t hold back on the comments.

There was even a debate over the name of a bathroom.

Buses in British Columbia are even apparently well behaved.

Some comparisons were hilarious.

It’s the little differences that matter, for some people.

Some locals admitted that Americans shouldn’t blame all of Canada for the driving skills — or lack thereof — of British Columbians.

The user just got a taste of Canada, but even two days were able to highlight some pretty amusing differences.


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