Canada is speeding up the permanent residency process for foreign workers and international students


Canadian Immigration Minister Sean Fraser has unveiled a plan to increase the number of international students and foreign workers with extensive work experience for permanent residency in areas with labor shortages. persists. This came after Liberal MP Randeep Sarai’s motion M-44 was approved by the House of Commons in May.

According to Fraser, Justin Trudeau’s government wants to open up more avenues for permanent residence since temporary foreign workers and international students are crucial to the Canadian economy. Foreign workers bring a wide range of skills and training, contributing to business growth, creativity and productivity, all of which contribute to Canada’s economic recovery and growth, Fraser said. They also help meet the immediate labor needs of various businesses, he added.

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International students help Canada’s workforce grow, increase its productivity and counter the effects of an aging population, the minister said. The Minister intends to help people make the transition from temporary to permanent residence by extending or modifying current pathways for foreign nationals working in Canada and seeking to stay, including international graduate students. Several existing programs already provide a pathway to permanent residence for temporary foreign workers and international students graduating in Canada, he added.

Canada will have a “five-pillar approach” to address the issue. According to the immigration plan for 2022-2024, Canada will have a larger permanent labor supply. In order to address labor shortages and support Canada’s post-pandemic economic recovery, this proposal increases the chances of more temporary employees converting to permanent residency.

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Canada will overhaul the Express Entry system, which includes providing more freedom to immigration selection methods under Express Entry, including points awarded for Canadian work experience , education, language skills and job offers.

Canada will also look for better ways to move key in-demand workers, like doctors, by lowering barriers. Improvements to the pilot programs will be made to help those in the agribusiness industry and those providing home care transition to permanent residences.

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Under the administration of Justin Trudeau, provinces and territories will have the freedom to modify and develop their immigration flows according to their own labor market needs. Through technical advancements, the government will modernize the immigration system, increase processing capacity and improve the client experience. All of these programs aim to expedite the process of welcoming immigrants to Canada as permanent residents.

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