Canada Town Unveils Cheeto Dust Monument


The tiny hamlet of Cheadle in Alberta, Canada is home to a small airporta little playgroundand a little one population of about 80 people. As CNN reportingit also houses a massive monument dedicated to the Cheeto Dust.

Rising from the side of the road, a set of three fingers triumphantly clutching a Cheeto in all its neon orange glory. But the defining feature of the nearly 17-foot-tall statue is its commitment to portraying how hard it is to enjoy the crunchy corn snack without getting dirty. (Unless you take a page from Oscar Isaac’s book and opt for chopsticksor pick up a pair of these handy finger covers.) The fingertips are coated in a generous layer of Cheeto dust or, as it was officially double in 2020, Cheetle.

And if you think Cheadle was chosen as the site for the installation just because the word looks like cheetahyou’re absolutely right.

“The Cheetos brand, rooted in mischievous fun, was looking for the perfect home for its statue until it came across a hamlet in Alberta with a related name, Cheadle. (What could be more perfect? ),” explained Frito-Lay, owner of Cheetos, in a Press release.

Cheadle’s rulers seem to relish this greatness thrust upon them. “Cheadle is proud to be home to the cheetah Hand statue,” said James Gosteli, president of the Cheadle Community Club. “Where else could the Cheetos brand honor the iconic Cheetle, if not here[?]”

The monument, located at 400 Railway Avenue, is not a permanent addition to the landscape: it will only be there until November 4. In other words, Cheeto fanatics better plan their road trip soon.

[h/t CNN]


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