Canadian Marvel and ‘Shang-Chi’ star Simu Liu is latest victim of culture cancellation as his old racist, sexist and homophobic posts on Twitter and Reddit surface


Simu Liu, Canadian actor and star of the new movie Marvel Shang-Chi, Is the latest celebrity to face the crowd cancellation after people dug past comments the actor online.

The old one Kim’s convenience The star is criticized on Twitter for his alleged racist publications, homophobic and sexist on Reddit and Twitter

In a 2015 Reddit post, someone believed to be Liu explains how being a pedophile isn’t all that different from being gay, saying that biologically it is exactly the same thing.

He goes on to allude to the fact that being homosexual was once a crime and that pedophilia could also be accepted in time.

Others call for a tweet deleted since 2012, where he says he mistook a homeless shouting at a pigeon for Nicki Minaj.

Siu also deleted a tweet from 2018 where he called Mark Wahlberg for beating two Vietnamese men.

He withdrew it shortly after being cast for a film with Wahlberg, for which he received heavy criticism. Many people accused him of being an opportunist and a hypocrite.

In another post from the Reddit account reportedly Liu, he claims that women aren’t as good at sports and he’s frustrated when someone is on his team.

In 2019, before his fame took off, Simu Liu issued a warning on Twitter saying that if you were to dig far enough, you would find an immature version of himself who give in to anger and hatred.

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