Canadian Queen of Drag Race Lady Boom Boom Dishes Snatch Game and Her ‘Expectations’ Came True


The Snatch Game episode on Canada’s Drag Raceis still a fan favorite for viewers at home, but not all queens are so excited to play it.

Narcity spoke with this week’s eliminated queen who shared how she felt entering the Snatch Game and what her expectations were.

Canada’s Drag Race Queen Lady Boom Boom Dishes Snatch Game

“Like, you can see on my face as soon as Brooke Lynn [Hytes] announced it was Snatch Game, I was like, ‘Oh my god. I hope to be there next week,'” Lady Boom Boom told Narcity.

Lady Boom Boom was one of two queens representing Quebec this year on Canada’s Drag Raceand the first queen to win a mega-challenge this season (and a design, as a bonus)!

But, it looks like Lady Boom Boom has manifested the end of her run on the show.

“Like, my two expectations going on the show were to win a sewing challenge, which I did, and also to go [out] on the Snatch Game. So yeah, you have to be careful what you wish for,” Lady Boom Boom said.

Episode 5 aired Thursday night and saw the queens impersonate the likes of Tammy Faye (Vivian Vanderpuss), Aziz Ansari (Bombae) and Saucy Santana (Jada Shada Hudson).

A few queens even wanted to play the same person: Kimmy Couture and Miss Fiercalicious as Ariana Grande, and Gisèle Lullaby and Lady Boom Boom as Mado Lamotte, an iconic Montreal drag queen.

Gisèle Lullaby let Lady Boum Boum play Mado, and even lent her the bright pink dress she was also going to wear for the character.

“Honestly, I had nothing else, so it was Mado or nothing,” Boom Boom said. Fortunately, Gisèle Lullaby had a few saves in mind and landed a hilarious rendition of Marie Curie (and won the Snatch Game with her nuclear performance).

What was it like playing Mado

The French-Canadian queen shared with Narcity that she was a little “scared” playing Mado on Snatch Game.

“I feel like casting someone I was too scared to laugh at was a bad idea,” Boom Boom said.

“But in my mind, even though I was getting ready, I was like, ‘Maybe it will be good enough that I can stay another week’. But I knew [that] I wasn’t going to be like a revolutionary actress.”

However, that being said, Lady Boom Boom won the reading mini-challenge at the start of Episode 5 – so we know she has some jokes.

What it meant to represent Quebec and who she hopes will win

There is only one Quebec queen left in competition, but Lady Boum Boum says she was “happy to represent [..] Quebec City.”

“Even before the show, everyone there is cheering me on and cheering me on a lot, and yeah, it feels good.”

As for who they hope to win the next contest, Lady Boom Boom replied, “Me! I always run for me.”

Anyone who wants to see Lady Boom Boom back on stage can keep their eyes peeled on Instagram for where she’ll be performing next.

“Hopefully I’ll play in a city near you.”

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.


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