Canadian rideshare app expands to Fredericton


A Canadian service is looking to bring carpooling to New Brunswick’s capital this winter.

Uride, a ridesharing app similar to Uber and Lyft, hopes to start operations in Fredericton before the holidays.

Cody Ruberto, the founder of the company, said Uride had previously registered as a New Brunswick company and had established its insurance.

It only remains to be authorized by the city.

“[We’re] awaiting this certificate from our insurance company, ”said Ruberto.

“Once we have that, we’ll just send the full application to the city. “

In 2020, the provincial government enacted legislation that would allow the introduction of ridesharing businesses in New Brunswick.

But he said local municipalities should also pass local bylaws allowing carpooling.

After a few years of studying the matter, Fredericton adopted a bylaw in April.

In an emailed statement, the city said it was aware of Uride’s intention to relocate to Fredericton, but said it had not yet received a license application.

Focus on small towns

Uride already offers its service in smaller markets in Ontario and British Columbia.

“We really focus on small communities, that’s where [is a] major problem, ”said Ruberto.

“We also don’t have access to the same type of transport that you have in big cities, do we? Usually, city buses in small towns don’t run as often, don’t have as much traffic. trips. Usually the taxi service, waiting times are longer. “

Cody Ruberto said he has already received more than 80 applications from potential drivers. (Heather Kitching / CBC)

While passengers may be happy with the arrival of a transportation company in Fredericton, taxi drivers may not be so happy.

“A lot of times when we go to communities, you know, taxis are usually not happy, but there’s more than enough demand for everyone,” Ruberto said.

“The more competition there is, the more companies the better.”

Soon an extension?

Ruberto said Uride had already received applications from more than 80 drivers seeking to work for them.

He said when the business gets started, COVID protocols will be in place, such as masks for passengers and drivers and screening for symptomatic passengers.

However, mandatory vaccinations will not be required at this time.

“They are not needed at the moment,” Ruberto said.

“If the health unit directs us in any other way, we will follow all instructions from the local health units.”

While Uride hopes to launch in Fredericton before the holidays, the company already has its eyes on other cities in the province.

It plans to expand to Saint John and Moncton in the new year.

Ruberto said he spoke to officials from both cities and were told each is still working on their respective carpooling statuses.

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