Former Filipino Nursing Assistant, Now a Booming Fashion Designer in Canada —

Never too late: Genette Mujar, who became a fashion designer at 50, is living proof that, whatever our age, hard work can lead to success. Photos courtesy of Genette Mujar

Genette Mujar, a Filipino-born fashion designer based in Vancouver, is a former health care aide turned designer on the rise in Canada.

From caregiver to fashion designer: Genette Mujar, a Filipino-born fashion designer based in Vancouver, is a former caregiver turned designer on the rise in Canada.

Genette, originally from Albay in the Philippines, is the owner and COO of Gnetz Design, an up-and-coming fashion house based in Vancouver, Canada.

Genette, who graduated from Bicol University, has had a passion for fashion design since a young age.

Even during those formative years, whenever her classmates asked her about her unique and stylish outfits, her immediate response was always, “It’s from Gnetz.” This is how the Gnetz brand began.

In the Philippines, Genette faced many challenges, such as growing up with limited resources. Her life didn’t change much when she had her own children. She also had to give up her ambition to become a fashion designer.

So, Genette had to follow the same path as millions of Filipinos: she had to become an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) in order to provide a better life for her children, and it was not easy.

Initially, her OFW journey took her to Taiwan. She moved to Hong Kong after a few years, where one of her most traumatic experiences was being deported by her employer.

Genette then moved to Canada in 2007 to work as a caregiver. His salary at the time was insufficient to fully support his family in the Philippines. But despite her financial difficulties, she maintained her enthusiasm for fashion.

She frequented thrift stores in Canada, looking for old clothes that she could revamp or recycle.

Genette chose to pursue her passion of being a fashion designer after a few years in Vancouver at the age of 50. She enrolled in a fashion school and won an award despite being the oldest in her class when she graduated.

Unconventional fashion: At a fashion show for the Vancouver International Film Festival, Genette is surrounded by models wearing her modern Filipino designs.

She was then hired as a fashion designer for a local Vancouver clothing company. She finally mustered up the courage to open her own fashion house, Gnetz Design.

Today, among her favorite designs is Filipiniana, a unique Filipino look that evokes grace, elegance and beauty.

It’s never too late to make your dreams come true. Genette’s remarkable achievement is another illustration of how, no matter our age, hard work can lead to success. Genette hopes her story will become an inspiration to many.

Asia Pacific Fashion Week: a global platform

Genette is set to showcase her latest Filipino designs at Asia Pacific Fashion Week (APFW), the brand new global platform showcasing the diversity of Filipino-inspired fashions, in two iconic US cities.

MODERN FILIPINIANA: a modern interpretation of the Filipina Terno by Genette Mujar.

The first show will take place on August 6 (Saturday), at 4:00 p.m., at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, a landmark on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the heart of Los Angeles.

The second show will take place on August 13 (Saturday), at 4:00 p.m., at the Decades Event Center, located at Vegas Pointe Plaza, Unit 168, 9175 S Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas.

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