Good security relations help convey the “sense of urgency”


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Following this, she eventually moved into an HSE specialist role and says she was “looking forward” to taking the training available to learn more about how she could evolve her understanding to keep people safe.

“I am continually encouraged by the opportunities I have had to develop my profession in the field of security. I stayed safe because my heart is there; I couldn’t imagine being in any other career,” DesRoches says. “When you surround yourself with people who stand up for safety, it’s amazing to see the movement on the ground that is completely focused on building safe work so we can send people home safely every day.”

One of the things she values ​​the most is the freedom to branch out into an ever-changing industry. “It is crucial that we use available security resources to educate ourselves, so that we can make a difference on the ground.” For example, DesRoches says she was recently part of two projects that were recordable for free – “knowing that we’ve completed these projects with everyone returning home safe and healthy to their families is which encourages me.”

DesRoches says one of the biggest challenges of his career has been working on a construction project with more than 800 employees in the midst of a global pandemic. “It was a challenge to navigate workplace safety, covid mitigation measures and build a once in a lifetime project. It took a lot of conversations about mental health, focusing on our fundamentals, and continuing to integrate and engage people in the culture of safety that we had built.


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