Hockey Canada Adopts Rule Changes Following Cromwell Report Recommendations


CALGARY — Hockey Canada, in an effort to regain the trust of Canadians, change its culture and address systemic issues, has made the first wave of changes to address the interim recommendations of former Supreme Court Justice Thomas Cromwell.

Hockey Canada and its members adopted rule changes on Saturday ahead of the election of the organization’s new board of directors next month.

The changes follow the former Mr Cromwell’s recommendations to ensure that the Hockey Canada board appointment process “conforms to best practice”.

The changes, which are effective immediately, include:

• All nominations for positions on the Hockey Canada Board of Directors, including Chair, will be reviewed and approved by the Independent Nominating Committee. No names will be added to the ballot without committee approval.

• The new board will serve a one-year term as a transition board rather than the usual two years. The transition board will focus on accomplishing the major urgent tasks that need to be accomplished in the short term.

• The deadline for submitting nominations to the nominating committee will be November 10th. This gives the nominating committee more time to engage a third-party recruitment firm to help with the vetting process and due diligence.

• Given the change in the timetable for submitting nominations, the documents related to the nomination process will be provided to members by November 28th.

“We look forward to providing further public updates on future progress as we work to regain the trust of Canadians and address systemic issues in and around the Canadian game,” Hockey Canada said in the release.


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