Pan-Canadian Cold Medication Recall Due To Health Risks


Health Canada is warning Canadians that a company is recalling all lots of several generic cold and flu drugs due to possible health risks.

CellChem Pharmaceuticals Inc. is recalling all batches of several products due to potential health risks, a press release explains. Cold and flu medications were sold in soluble powder sachets and approved for use in adults and children 12 years of age and older.

Health Canada states that “the company could not demonstrate that the products remain safe and of good quality until their expiration date, and several batches contained inconsistent amounts of active ingredients in the products.” In addition, several lots contained active ingredients, such as acetaminophen, which were not in the amounts indicated on the product label.

The products are available over the counter and sold under a variety of generic store brand labels at many retailers across Canada.

Although taking products with less than the labeled amount may be less effective, products with higher amounts than what is indicated on the label may cause consumers to inadvertently ingest more of the active ingredients than the daily dose. maximum.

Products that contain too much acetaminophen could pose serious health risks, such as liver damage.

Signs of excessive acetaminophen consumption include nausea, vomiting, lethargy, sweating, loss of appetite, and pain in the upper abdomen or stomach. Abdominal pain may be the first sign of liver damage and may not be noticeable for 24 to 48 hours.

The risk of taking too much of an active ingredient may also be higher in children and adolescents.

Health Canada identified these issues during a safety inspection. The recall was first published in September 2021 and is now being extended after further investigation by the company.

At the request of Health Canada, CellChem Pharmaceuticals Inc. has ceased sales and is recalling the affected products.

Photo via Health Canada

What you should do

  • Stop using the recalled products. Talk to your health care provider if you or your child have taken a recalled product and have any health problems.
    • Follow municipal or regional guidelines on how to dispose of chemicals and other hazardous wastes; Where
    • Return the product to your local pharmacy for proper disposal.
  • Contact CellChem Pharmaceuticals Inc. by calling 1-844-481-8884, or emailing [email protected], if you have any questions about the recall.
  • Report any health product Side effects Where complaints at Health Canada.

Learn more about the recalled products from Health Canada in line.

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