Saturday Letters: Canada Must Respect Russian Sanctions


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Unfortunately, Canada compromised and gave in to Kremlin blackmail by allowing the return of a sanctioned Nord Stream 1 turbine to Russia via Germany. The Canadian government violated its own policy of isolating Russia. This sets a dangerous precedent as further sanctions are being negotiated. The government’s decision shows the Kremlin that the weaponization of energy is acceptable. The profits that go to Putin lead directly to the genocide of the Ukrainian nation. The world is witnessing the indiscriminate killing of civilians and the colossal destruction of peaceful civilian infrastructure, including homes, schools, hospitals, cultural venues and places of worship.

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Europe is like a drug addict, who says he wants to get rid of an addiction to Russian gas, but has done too little to kick the habit. Russia is the dirty drug trafficker and Canada has become a facilitator. Rather than bow to pressure from the Kremlin, Canada should step up sanctions against Russia and be the leader it claims to be.

Lidia M. Wasylyn, Edmonton

The German pressure behind the return of the turbines

Delivering the turbines to Germany for use on Nord Stream can only realistically be seen as giving in to German pressure to avoid giving Putin an excuse to further halt gas exports. Germany ignored the dangers of becoming hugely dependent on Russian oil and especially gas, while Putin attacked Czechia and Georgia, launched attacks on civilians in Syria, orchestrated the annexation of Crimea and violated the Budapest Nuclear Weapons Agreement of 1994.

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Germany’s steel, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries have chosen to reap the economic benefits of cheap natural gas while ignoring Putin’s expansionist rhetoric. We may never know what pressure on the Trudeau administration came from the German government to return the turbines. Hopefully it’s not too late to stop these deliveries.

Maxwell Bryson Rogers, Edmonton

COVID trial a political witch hunt

If you’re wondering about the Alberta Federation of Labor’s involvement in a lawsuit that calls for the release of UCP cabinet documents related to the case, it’s not hard to find the invisible hand behind the AFL.

The drill is a witch hunt for a smoking gun that proved the UCP government ignored or reversed Chief Medical Officer Dr Hinshaw’s recommendation to continue with the COVID schools lockdown. Recently released documents reveal that this did not happen. The fact that the AFL’s membership in the New Democratic Party of Alberta is enshrined in that party’s constitution highlights the AFL’s involvement. The Alberta NDP didn’t want their name involved, so they used a volunteer AFL as their trail horse.

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Allen Boychuk, Edmonton

The loss of the U of A Ring Houses is a shame

Re. “An obituary for historic U of A homes,” Opinion, July 12

While the news of the death of Ring Houses may be exaggerated, to borrow an expression, the remaining four Ring Houses are certainly on their deathbed. They have been emptied of the various offices and institutes that occupied them until recently. They lie on deathbeds made of invasive weeds and unmown grass surrounded by construction fencing, unable to receive visitors.

Their days are numbered as they wait to be dismantled and removed from campus. When they are gone, the university will have lost an important connection to its original history. What a pity that the university does not want to reuse them in situ.

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