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SAULT STE MARIE, THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO ~~~~~~ February 8, 2022 (LSNews) The Sault Ste. Marie The Canadian Water Agency Task Force released the What We Heard Report from a Series of Community Discussions summarizing the City of Sault Ste. Initiative of the Canadian Marie Water Agency. The report is available on the project website at

In 2021, the City collaborated with Lake Huron North Program Coordinator, Dr. Elaine Ho-Tassone, to design and host a series of community talks about the Sault Ste. Marie Canadian Water Agency. A total of ten in-person and virtual discussions took place between August 24 and December 11, 2021. Over 200 participants representing the perspectives of local organizations, Indigenous peoples, youth (15-24 years old) and the general population participated in the discussions.

Community reaction to the project has been positive, with many participants reiterating Sault Ste. Marie’s ideal location for the Canadian Water Agency. The freshwater research and innovation ecosystem, the City’s strategic location in the heart of the Great Lakes, and strong Indigenous relationships and partnerships have helped community members and stakeholders agree that Sault Ste. Marie has all the facets required for a successful Canadian Water Agency.

Additionally, Dr. Elaine Ho-Tassone has compiled a list of ten strategic recommendations for moving the project forward. Among them citing the importance of focusing not only on the central and strategic location of the Canada-US border, but also, extensive freshwater expertise, including a federal and provincial research center and three post-secondary institutions – including one of nine Indigenous post-secondary institutions in Canada. Dr. Ho-Tassone also emphasized the importance of building authentic and collaborative Indigenous partnerships throughout this project.

Discussions with the community have been conducted towards the development of a final offer which is expected to be launched later this year. The project team is also developing a promotional video that will be released to match the final proposal. Community members can stay up to date on Sault Ste. Marie’s Canada Water Agency Initiative by visiting the project website at Those interested in submitting comments can do so by emailing [email protected].


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