Starbucks Canada plans ‘price adjustments’ in 2022 and your coffee could cost more


Throughout 2022, “price adjustments” are planned at Starbucks Canada locations to help with the costs of inflation.

In a statement shared with Narcity, the coffeehouse chain said it regularly reviews and adjusts prices on an ongoing basis to balance running the business while delivering the most value to customers.

“We have a set of price adjustments planned for the rest of the year,” Starbucks said. “This approach helps offset cost pressures such as inflation as we continue to position our business for the future.”

The coffee chain revealed that there are different factors contributing to the pricing strategy, including rising inflation, wages, customer demands and other costs.

A spokesperson also told Narcity that the specific increases are based on market-to-market and product-to-product.

This means that there is no information yet on which products and markets will be affected.

However, they confirmed that the price adjustment applies in Canada.

In an earnings call held on February 1, Kevin Johnson, who is the President, CEO and Director of Starbucks, said that in the United States they face a 7% inflation rate which contributes to the pricing strategy , but no specific numbers for Canada have been revealed.

Additionally, Johnson noted that a few pricing actions have already been taken recently, including those for October 2021 and January 2022.

If customers are wondering what the prices are, Starbucks said up-to-date cost information is always displayed in-store and on the app.

In early January, the coffeehouse chain announced that some changes had been made and that the menu boards at each location in Canada had been “reorganized” to match the way drink ordering and customization is done through the Starbucks app.

The new tables show all the available customizations customers can get for each drink so they can order their drink based on whatever they want.


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