Statistics Canada to provide updated data on immigration and religious diversity – National


Statistics Canada plans to provide an updated look at immigration data and our ethnocultural and religious diversity today in a new 2021 Census data series.

The release is expected to show that Canada welcomed a record number of immigrants during the five-year period covered by the data.

The StatCan data will also include details on where immigrants intended to live and a breakdown of the government programs people use to enter the country.

There is also expected data on internal migration that captures the early part of the COVID-19 pandemic, when many Canadians from major centers left the city for rural areas due to housing prices and quality of life considerations. life.

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According to Statistics Canada, data on ethnocultural diversity will for the first time use the term “racialized group” instead of “visible minority” and will reflect the perception that Canadians have of their ancestry.

This latest version of census information also includes data on religious affiliation, which is only reported every 10 years.


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