The Government of Canada, with its Visa Waiver Program, offers a quick and easy visa application process


The Government of Canada introduced the Visa Waiver Program for its visa exempt countries in 2015. It allows citizens of all eligible countries to easily apply for the Canada e-Visa within a short period of time. Using the online facilities allows foreign citizens to complete the entire application in just five minutes using a mobile, computer or tablet.

The Canadian visa is compulsory for foreign citizens to enter Canada for different purposes, such as transit or stopover, tourism, business and medical care. The normal paper visa application is somewhat difficult to receive, as the applicant will have to go to the Canadian Embassy for this purpose. Applicants will have to invest a lot of effort, time and money until the visa is obtained. All these problems are solved with the introduction of Canada Visa Online, where the user has no effort to make. With this online application method, people can easily complete the application process from anywhere and anytime according to their choice. Canada Visa Online is an electronic travel document that can be replaced by a paper visa to enter Canada.

Canadian visa application online

The Canadian Visa Application Online is a simple method of applying for a visa completely online. Applicants can visit and complete the application form to obtain an e-Visa. Candidates must provide all the necessary information in the form. Certain documents will be requested during the application process, which can be downloaded directly from this website or by email. A passport with at least three months validity beyond the departure date is one of the main requirements for an e-Visa application. Other necessary items include an email ID and a credit or debit card.

The correct email address must be provided as the e-Visa is received in the email after verifications. Most of the time, Canada e-Visas are issued within 24 hours of application submission, but it can also take up to 72 hours. Thus, it is best to apply for a Canadian visa online 72 hours before the flight for security reasons. After the checks, the e-Visa will be electronically linked to the passport; thus, is it completely secure.

Applying for Canada e-Visa through is one of the best ways, as it offers many services. Along with a complete guide to completing the e-Visa application, they also provide 24/7 customer support, email recovery, privacy protection, and more.

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