This majestic medieval castle in Canada will take you back to the Middle Ages


Canada is home to many breathtaking castles, but for a truly unique experience, you can visit this castle in the country that appears to belong to medieval times.

In Regina, Saskatchewan, you’ll find Stone Hall Castle, the only medieval-style castle in Canada that looks like something straight out of the world of Game of thrones.

While on the outside you won’t see the classic turrets and stonework you’d find with castles like Casa Loma, the interior of Stone Hall Castle is a sight to behold.

The 10,000 square foot castle is adorned with 16th, 17th and 18th century furniture and definitely has a haunting appearance.

Adorned with tapestries and original oil paintings by Old Masters, the castle resembles the setting of a scooby-doo episode, or one of Foreign, as the owner says.

The castle, which was built by Francis Nicholson Darke, former Mayor of Regina, was originally created as a fortress.

The story goes that Darke’s wife, Annie, badly shaken by a tornado that ripped through Regina in 1912, asked him to build a fortress that could withstand natural disasters.

The finished product was the solid stone fortress that is the castle today, complete with a bomb shelter in the basement.

Having also once been used as a funeral home for over 30 years, the castle has its share of ghost stories.

It is said that Darke and his wife currently haunt the property. The castle has even hosted ghost hunters, who said the property was “filled with spirits” and that the castle’s centuries-old objects and furniture were “charged with energy”.

There’s even a haunted painting on the premises, the owner tells Narcity.

An energy is said to be attached to a mid-17th century painting of an elderly gentleman on display in the castle.

“People prone to panic attacks and anxiety […] they’re not doing well with that chart,” owner Jason Hall said, mentioning that some have even quit touring because of it.

Stone Hall Castle

Spooky aside, the castle also has a romantic quality, filled with candles and lush furs, and is a popular spot for weddings.

Who owns Stone Hall Castle?

Jason Hall bought the castle in 2003. Hall, who played professional hockey in Europe for several years, said the castle was an opportunity to “recreate [Europe] in his own city of Regina.

After years of renovating the castle’s interior to create the full-fledged medieval-style structure it is today, the castle opened its doors to the public in 2015.

Tours of the castle run throughout the week and offer a chance to learn about its history as well as get a closer look at period furnishings and art. Tours must be booked online at least one hour prior to start time.

If you want to extend your visit, the castle offers stays throughout the week, with rates starting at $495 a night.

And while the castle may look like it’s from the Middle Ages, don’t worry – it has all the comforts you’d want in the 21st century, like cable TV and bathrooms, with some suites also having washing machines and dryers and a kitchen.

Those staying overnight will have access to the castle’s library, home theater and dining room, but it’s worth mentioning that the castle does not offer any meals.

Stone Hall Castle

Price: $50 per adult for tours

Address: 2210 College Avenue, Regina, Sask.

Why you need to go: You can visit this incredibly unique (and slightly spooky) medieval castle in Canada and even spend the night there.



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