Whitehorse launches bid to host 2027 Canada Winter Games


On Wednesday, the city of Whitehorse launched its bid to host the 2027 Canada Winter Games, building on the success of hosting the Games in 2007.

“We learned that hosting these games was an amazing experience. Nor is it an easy task, requiring careful planning to ensure that all infrastructure, resources, people, volunteers… are there. all up, ”Premier Sandy Silver said, adding games could generate nearly $ 100 million.

Dan Curtis, Mayor of Whitehorse, said the 2007 Games contributed $ 75 million to the Yukon’s gross domestic product and generated $ 176 million in economic activity. The Canada Winter Games attracts over 36,000 participants to the host community.

The Government of Yukon, the City of Whitehorse and the Nominating Committee will need next year to submit a formal nomination.

Ten percent of the city’s population uses the Canada Games Center every day, Whitehorse Mayor Dan Curtis said. (Mardy Derby / CBC)

Piers Morgan, chairman of the bid committee, said the 2027 Games are expected to be held in the Yukon and, so far, Whitehorse is the only city to launch the bid process. But he said the committee has yet to prove it can deliver the games.

“Despite the fact that there is no competition in the Yukon, there are basic standards that must be met,” Morgan said.

“It doesn’t mean at all that it’s a guaranteed thing. There have been examples in the past where a provincial committee or a provincial community has bid, but they don’t meet the requirements to host the games. , and their offer was turned down and went to another province.

Whitehorse must prove that it has the amenities and staff to host 22 national sports competitions and thousands of athletes.

Morgan said Whitehorse could again use the Canada Games Center that was built for the 2007 Games, but will need to build a new rink and an athletes’ village.

This is because the buildings constructed for the Athletes’ Village were then redeveloped into senior housing by the Government of Yukon and student housing for the University of the Yukon and the Yukon Research Center.

The cost of building a new athlete village and an ice rink is not yet known.

Assistant Coach Jake Jirousek leads early morning hockey practice at the Canada Games Center in Whitehorse. (Dave Croft / CBC)

Lasting legacy

Several speakers present at the bid launch mentioned the positive and lasting legacy of the 2007 Canada Winter Games.

“It doesn’t take too much to look out the window to see the legacy of 2007 and what it has given us not only as a territory, but as a community, and this is probably one of the most used facilities in the territory, ”said Grand Chief Peter Johnston of the Council of Yukon First Nations, referring to the Whitehorse Canada Games Center built in 2007.

The 2007 Games were the reason the Canada Games Center and Mount Sima Ski Resort in Whitehorse were developed.

Curtis said 10 percent of the city’s population uses the Canada Games Center every day.

“The long-term benefits of the 2007 Games are also evident in the $ 1 million legacy fund that continues to help support and promote the participation of Indigenous peoples in the sport of our territories,” said the Minister of Community Services, Richard Mostyn.

“The enduring value of these games simply cannot be overstated.”

Councilor Jesse Dawson, who spoke on behalf of the Kwanlin Dün First Nation, also expressed her strong support for the launch of the bid, saying sporting events like the Canada Games make “our youth stronger and healthier.” .

The next Canada Winter Games will be held in Prince Edward Island in 2023.

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