Zellers is coming back to Canada in 2023 and get ready to relive your childhood


Prepare to be overwhelmed with nostalgia, Canada! Hudson’s Bay Company has announced that it will bring iconic retailer Zellers back to Canada.

The Globe and Mail reports that HBC will open new Zellers stores in the company’s The Bay department stores as early as 2023.

The bay did not specify how many stores they will open, where exactly they will be located or how much floor space in their stores the revived brand will occupy.

It’s a big fuzzy mystery, clouded with nostalgia. And we are all waiting for more information right now!

What we do know is that HBC has said that Zellers will once again have a presence in major cities across Canada.

According to the Globe, HBC will also open Zellers’ first-ever online store, where it will sell items in categories including homewares, furniture, toys, apparel and more.

Zellers will even launch some of its own products under a private label.

Narcity has reached out to HBC for more details on Zellers’ return, and this article will be updated if and when a response is received.

Canadians who grew up in the 2000s will remember Zellers for, among other things, the red interiors, the value for money of the products and, of course, the store’s mascot, a big bear named Zeddy!

The announcement of these openings follows recent Zellers pop-ups that took place in Burlington, Ontario, and Montreal.

While the pop-ups didn’t have the Zeddy wheel, the iconic restaurant, or the cool Zellers merch, they did have the crisp red and white vibes we all so sorely miss.

And, believe it or not, the last two Zellers stores (of over 300!) in Canada closed in 2020, but anyone born in Canada before 2000 will know that the store’s heyday was in the 1990s. until the 2000s.

Anyone who remembers going to Zellers as a kid can look forward to the return of the old-school brand to a bay near them.

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